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Primary Micropointillism, glue stick process, "River Paintings Suite" 2008, 18" x 22" on canvas. Artwork by Stephen Goodfellow

Picture contributed by Nina Goebel

01_s_red man on river road 2008 02_s_red canoe river 2008 03_s_red river night 2008 04_s_red tubers on river 2008
05_s_man on river road 2008 06_s_canoe river 2008 07_s_river night 2008 08_s_tubers on river 2008

Top, yellow/red stage. Below, the final yellow/red/blue stage


These paintings were "Splashed down" for the Grosse Pointe Art Center, September 28th, 2008

Why bother collecting Micropointillist art works?

  • The paintings are beautiful. Thin, translucent layers allow light to penetrate and bounce back from the primed white surface through the colors, giving the paintings an inner glow, an effect much prized by the Dutch masters.
  • They are scarce. As of 2008, there are only a handful of artists who have competently mastered the art of Micropointillism, and only two artists have made a living from it.
  • They last. Micropointillism is created with archival materials. Consisting of acrylic or oil on canvass, these works have been exposed to large quantities of water, thus removing residual acidic compounds that tend to age artwork.

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