Detroit's Farmers Market

Eastern (Farmers) Market, every Saturday.

I suppose every city has one, Detroit does too. Eastern Market is where Detroit goes to shop for fresh produce every Saturday, and the place has really great atmosphere. Early Saturday mornings, farmers and produce sellers stream into the sheltered cover of the market and set up their stalls for the day.
As the morning progresses, the visiting crowds gradually grow in size until there is barely room to do more than shuffle along with the multitude. Crowds might seem commonplace to someone from other metropolitan cities, but here in Detroit it is an exception rather than the rule. Consequently, Eastern Market on a Saturday is a really enjoyable break from the norm.
Detroit and its environs has the biggest Arab population in the world outside the Middle East, and their varied customs and dress add an exotic nature the crowds of the market place.
After I've shopped my veggies, I get my delicacies at R. Hirt Jr. Co. The place has old wooden floors and permeates its pungent space with an aroma of the cheese and sausage, the establishments chief products. It's all ordered by the cut, and I've never been refused a slice of whatever obscure cheese of sausage they have to offer.
Their competitors across the street - The Rocky Peanut Company - probably sell the same stuff, and possibly cheaper, but the store is just another consumer store with little or no atmosphere. I'll spend an extra few pennies for good atmosphere.
Thirty yards away from Hirt is one of my favorite places to visit. Despite the somewhat un-romantic name of Cost Plus Wine Shoppe, this wine store has charm. Enter, and meet Tim McCarthy.

When it comes to a really good brunch, you simply cannot beat the Russell Street Deli for great food. Bob Cerrito, the owner takes more than usual care in the selection of his food products and in preparation than any other deli I've eaten at. Each of his menu selections are subtly different from your run of the mill, resulting in a tantalizing repast. Bob also happens to be a really great guy.
The help is efficient and friendly, capable of conversing on a wide range of topics from helioseismology to computer software. You have to have a degree to be a busboy at this establishment. Try the outrageously magnificent pancakes with fruit; they have no equal in the known universe.