Dear John,

Thank you for your letter. It was a little delayed due to the fact that I do not spend as much time in Detroit as used to.
Perhaps it would be more convenient if you were to use my New York address:

57 W. 46th St. # 5,
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First, my computer whiz friend Aaron Landy never succeeded in completing the pyramid calculation; he mumbled something about how difficult it is to do a 'spatial' calculation and that it was beyond his means. As far as I could gather, ( with my VERY limited knowledge of math...) One has to think of the three pyramids as if the ground wasn't there, in other words think of them in relation to each other in space He said one has to do this because the pyramids are on different levels; after the calculation for the vanishing point is complete, then superimpose the ground in.

all this time, these points still interest me:
Does the circle resting on the apex of the three pyramids intersect at the vanishing point of the two circles resting on the corners? If so, is the point above the ground, on the ground or under the ground? Should the focal point be underground, what significance would that have? Would there be justification for exploration?

Looking Forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Goodfellow