Honduras/Guanaja/Hurricane Mitch comments
Re: West Peak Inn quiery
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 13:15:21 -0700
Jean Greatorex <jean@vena.com>


Thanks for checking in with us. Yes, West Peak was hit hard
by Hurricane Mitch. We lost many of our buildings as did nearly
every place on the north side of the island. The southern side where
most the residents live was spared a little bit - but only a little.

Since all of Guanaja relies on boat transportation as their
soul means of getting about, the lost of nearly every dock
and the many smashed boats are also a major concern.

It needs to be noted that none of the general aid to Honduras has
been directed to Guanaja. Help to the island has all come from
private donations via the various resorts and church groups. The
Cayman Islands have been especially generous with many boat and
barge loads of supplies coming in. And we must not forget to thank
the British ship, "The Sheffield." Her crew did a marvelous job with
immediate assistance - food, medical care and temporary housing.
I do not know what port she comes from but what a godsend for those
is the Caribbean during times of crises.

All that said the islanders are busy getting businesses back to normal.

Shops are open, flights are coming in and out, food and drink supplies

are readily available, and much re-construction is going on. Even nature
is busy with new growth. Green leaves are sprouting up everywhere.
And according to all reports the coral reef system, too, was spared
heavy damage.

I see no reason that Guanaja should not be up and ready for visitors early
in the new year. As for West Peak Kayaking we are taking bookings for
March 1st and beyond.

Thanks again for your inquiry.

Jeanne Greatorex
WPI Reservations
Email: jean@vena.com