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  • Honduras Interactive Commerce and Travel Guide Hotels, businesses, sports, general information, and more. Explore Honduras Tours - packages that feature the Mayas of Copán, the Bay Islands, and Beaches, Rainforest, and Jungle of Honduras.Return
  • Honduras.com is an extensive site that touches on every aspect of Honduras. Offers chat & free email as well! Return
  • Turtle Tours - These intrepid tour guides have a good reputation and give good value for money. I've used their services and recommend them.Return
  • Santa Rosa de Copán - A look at a nice out of the way place. Return

Politics/Human rights & Conservation


Honduran Internet Server-Providers (ISP's)


Making the best of three weeks in Honduras
A guide to Trujillo, Colon, Honduras
A guide to Limon, Colon, Honduras
Calentura National Park
The Island of Guanaja
Honduran Literature
Server Providers in Honduras
Environmental Organizations and Issues
Relief Organizations and Issues
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