Tue, 09 Dec 1997 11:58:36 +0000
From: (Sam Dodge)

Howdy Stephen, How wonderful to surf into your story of Honduras. I was
running Fathom Expeditions in 1969 thru 71. I found the cannon over at
the airport reef on the other side of Utila. We moved it down to Diamond
Key so it could be kept under water but near our work site. If you
bring any Iron objects up they will disintegrate into a pile of rusty
iron chips in just a few short months. There is a preservation process
but it is too costly for such an insignificant artifact.

There is a wreck right there in the shallows of Diamond Key. It is an
English boat as it had copper sheeting on the hull. I think it was drug
up and then stripped as I only found the keel and some of the hull
plates left there.

I had such a wonderful time there that I am returning for the first time
since 1976. I am taking my family to Roatan Jan 1 thru 18th. We have
been practicing diving here in Seattle so we can snorkel well as soon as
we get there.


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