Breakfast view from the brinkley

Hotel Villa Brinkley

The Hotel Villa Brinkley is without doubt the most colorful hotel in Trujillo. Peggy Brinkley, the matriarch of the Villa Brinkley is an exceptional, extraordinary person. Peggy oversaw every aspect of the design and construction of this beautiful hotel, which continues to be added on to, even today.
When we arrived in Trujillo to take over the house we had rented (Just below the Villa Brinkley,) no one was expecting us. In fact, the young guard drew a gun on us and let us know in no uncertain terms that he was not going to let us in. So, in the dark, we lugged our bags up to the Hotel Brinkley to stay for the night.
No rooms left.
Peggy Brinkley, who remembered us from our stay two years ago - a considerable feat when you consider the amount of people who must pass through the hotel - was concerned enough to drive us down to the gate of the property, intimidate the guard to allow us to leave our luggage while she took us hunting for the caretaker. Within twenty minutes the caretaker was roused out of his house and made a path for us.
We thanked Peggy profusely. She just shrugged and said, "Well I couldn't toss you out into the dark now, could I?"

The Hotel Villa Brinkley has a commanding view of Trujillo Bay. With the jungle mountain looming up directly behind the hotel, the panoramic view is truly breathtaking. Even though we did not stay at the Villa Brinkley this time, we frequently ate breakfast there, because it is served at the highest point of the Villa Brinkley thus providing the finest view. Refills of fresh orange juice and coffee are on the house and the breakfast is reasonable in price.
At breakfast, you are likely to meet a fair representation of the "expats", English speaking folk from 'El Norte' who are retirees, travel guides, or in various stages of turning native. Much good gossip and some usable information is to be gleaned while you digest your breakfast. To the back of the breakfast area there is a book exchange, so if you are running out of something to read, merely drop in and exchange your literature.
There is a small souvenir shop and an office for 'Turtle Tours'.  This outfit is run primarily by Germans, with typical German service; their guides are efficient and dedicated. They are surprisingly versatile and can cobble together just about any sightseeing adventure you'd care to try. We used them ourselves and found their services an excellent value for money. 
In the evening, the restaurant and bar are open. Dinner and drinks are reasonably priced, there is a salad bar and the food is some of the best We've had in Trujillo.
The rooms are sumptuous, some with sunken bath/showers and walk-in clothes closets. As a structure, the Villa Brinkley is beautiful, within and without. The carpenter that Peggy hired to do the wood decorating was in our estimation an extremely talented person; Maya Indian motifs are carved throughout the hotel and within every room.
Peggy also told us to make free with their lovely swimming pool - which we did.

View from recliner at the Hotel Brinkley Swimming pool