Fall seen from path

A short walk up the side of the mountain in the Calentura National Park is a place so nice we seriously considered not including it in the site.
Up from the road by the
stadium, about half an hour's walk (follow the water pipe,) is a small waterfall so picturesque one is reminded of the movie "Emerald Forest".
The water is absolutely pure. We are told that the pipe which goes to the dam some two hundred meters higher up supplies Puerto Castilla, a small town on the other side of Trujillo Bay. The fall is remote enough that chances are very good that there are no other souls about, so a little dipping in the birthday suit harms no one.
At this particular site there are two small falls. The one on West side is the more forceful one; if you are a good swimmer you can get underneath it and sit on an outcropping so that you are behind the fall.

Pleasure for man & beast

The East fall is smaller; floating near it gives the sensation of being immersed in frizzy water.
Once you have made it back to the road, you are probably thirsty and hungry; it's only a short distance from the
Bahia and Gringo Bar.
Please! Take your rubbish home with you. Don't throw bottles in the fall; we'd really like to come back a few years from now and not feel guilty that we placed this little paradise on the web!