La Fortaleza Santa Barbara, Trujillo, Colon

Looking North; Main Gate.

Trujillo was founded in 1525 and remained the capital of the colonial province of Honduras for 12 years. During this time, it was used as a port to ferry out the gold and silver from the interior and send it on it's way to Spain.
Geographically, Trujillo was a bad choice, because the Bay Islands afforded the perfect refuge for Van Horn, Morgan and a plethora of other pirates who wished to try their luck at plundering Honduran gold. Trujillo was attacked repeatedly and the bay was the the scene of several great sea battles.

Looking West; The battlements.

As a defense against the pirates, a succession of forts were built to stave off attack, but eventually the buccaneers succeeded in killing the goose that laid the golden egg; Dutch pirates sacked and torched the town in 1643 and Trujillo was laid waste for one hundred and forty four years before resettlement.