Hondutel, Trujillo; phone company

Your likely approach to Hondutel

This is where you go to make local, inter-city or international calls. You can also send a fax from Hondutel. You cannot connect to the Internet from said company. We approached a man behind a desk in charge of faxes to see if it was possible to connect to the net. He had a hard time understanding that we only needed to call a server in Tegucigalpa in order to be in touch with the world. Perhaps he had nightmare visions of a couple of gringos racking up huge international calls without Hondutels knowledge. Anyway, it was no deal.
While we were in Trujillo, we were surprised to find that it was impossible to connect to the net, no matter what initiation string we used, pulse, touch tone or otherwise. The net has yet to arrive in Trujillo.