El Rincon de los Amigos

View from El Rincon de los Amigos

A string of restaurants line the beach below the historical Trujillo Fort. From here, the view of the Caribbean is beautiful. At these beach restaurants food and ambiance is of varying quality. Most days, the majority of them are for the most part fairly devoid of people, with one exception; El Rincon de los Amigos.

Old timers and traveling youth hang around the El Rincon de los Amigos bar and restaurant.

The reason for this is simple; the place has delicious food and Western music. By this simple approach, they corner the majority of the market in tourism on this beach.
The atmosphere is definitely Western culture but avoids being inbred; there is a strong Honduran presence.
El Rincon de los Amigos is to some degree a watering hole for many of the English speaking locals, and every manner of info and interesting - although not necessarily accurate - gossip is to be had here.
As with the other restaurants, El Rincon de los Amigos has small palapas on the beach from which you can dash to the water and back; a perfect place to seek shelter from the sun as you eat, drink, read and converse.
El Rincon de los Amigos is easy to spot; it is on the west side of the beach and can be recognized by its volley ball net and wind surfers that lie on the beach and can be rented very inexpensively.
If you're staying in Tujillo even only for a few days, this is one place we'd suggest you might visit.