Trujillo Beaches

East, towards Trujillo

As Caribbean beaches go, Trujillo beaches in themselves are presentable but by no means exceptional. There is no coral to speak of. The water is not sparkling clear. However, the beaches do make for good walks and beach combing; they are sandy and the scenery is a notch above most. The jungle clad mountains directly behind Trujillo rise up majestically, making a fabulous backdrop for a walk along the beach.
As you make your way along the shore you will wade through frequent shallow estuaries created by the many small rivers and streams that make their way down the jungle mountains.

Beach view of magnificent back drop

Better beaches are available West of Trujillo. We recommend a day outing; walk, take a bus or taxi the ten kilometers to Santa Fe where the surf and beaches are significantly cleaner. There are several restaurants in Santa Fe, the "Caballero Restaurant" being a good example of the best. They serve huge portions of excellent food.
If the beach is the chief object of your holiday, then Trujillo should probably not be your first choice. However, taken as a whole, these beaches are a significant enhancement to your stay in the Trujillo area.