Hull Regional College of Art; 1971-74

David Osborne visits Stephen Goodfellow
August 2001

Wow! Half a year ago, who would'a thought that I'd have David Osborne visiting me, let alone appearing out of the mists of time.
Well, one fine cold winter day in my studio, I checked the email and got this:

During an idle cruise on the web, checking out English a list....was an artist, born 1953, name of Stephen
Goodfellow. Now I remember him as being younger, but a check of his web
site indicates it is my memory, not his birth date, that is wrong.

It set me old heart a'beating. Seems he's in Michigan, in Amerika; well,
I'm in Hong Kong (though often in LA), so we can't fault that. He plays
in a band (outside of his day job); I play solo (outside of a day job).
He has a web site under his own name; I have a web site under my assumed

I don't wish to be a tease...yes, I do....let just go one round first,
see if the penny drops.

The first clue is:
The second clue is: Hull
The third clue is: blues at the art's centre

Stephie, it is great to see you still have the faith. Mine is very much
a part-time faith. Look forward to hearing from you.

Your old mate,


 Well, there was no doubt in my mind. The instant I read it I knew precisely who is was, even before I checked the proffered website.
To cut a long story short,  we blathered over email and ICQ for half a year, and then Oz says, "Hey man - can you stand a visit?"
Could I...?!
...And so he did. Oz stayed for a mere three days - much too short a visit - and we spent it catching up on old and new times. I invited a few friend over to meet him (Hit the reload button to see the flash movie again):

Here are a few pics if his visit:

Stephen & David at Detroit Metro Airport

Moment in time at party - Marvin Rieli, David Osborne, Laurenn Rowland, Peter Werbe, Ralph Franklin, Marilyn Werbe, Saffell Gardner, Scott Tobias

Oz & Stevie in Stevie's studio

Oz on Woodward