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(1998) Mary says:

"Left Hull to do a postgrad in Radio film and TV. Then started at BBC Scotland as their first female camera asst. Had a grand time filming all over Scotland, plus a couple of trips to Ireland and Hong Kong.
To get more travel I moved to the BBC's Ealing Film Studios. Spent eight great years going round the world, including one complete circumnavigation, via Fiji and Australia, then two lousy years as the horrid accountants started interfering.
Left to go freelance, and a year later moved to Manchester. Continued to earn money with camerawork, but also started to allotment garden, bed spread making, short course teaching and generally having a good time. So good, in fact, that we got pregnant, having been told categorically that we couldn't.
So Katie arrived two days before my 42 birthday, I went back into pensionable work and now work for Salford University teaching video production and general interference , nothing changes.
I of course look exactely the same as I did at college, hm,hm, only for some reason I am getting older."