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MP3 - "Millennia Man", "No Masters" 1984 - LP to CD recording

Millennia Man

Something's scratching at the window
There's a pounding on the door
And the houselights start to flicker
Casting shadows upon the floor
The walls have begun to crumble
I can see it from where I stand
It's a house called civilization
And it belongs to Millennia Man

Whoever was the master planner
Who placed a house upon this land?
They've forgotten to lay foundations
That would support our Millennia Man

You know, the polar caps are melting down
While the industry chokes its tune
And the acid rain has been eroding our faith
While we sent rockets to explore the moon
We've been scratching below the surface
To bring our ancestors back on up
We rename them coal and fossil fuel
And shape them into polystyrene cups

Whatever did possess us
To build a house this way?
A house called civilization
That we have trapped ourselves in today

The wiring has become untangled
And the pipes have begun to crack
The escalator only runs one way
And there's no way of getting back
The flames are licking higher
In the blaze of the living sun
Now we're stuck up here in the 20th century
And there is no 21

Whenever there's a call for reason
A need to criticize the master plan
The great builders scream "It's treason.
To interfere with Millennia Man!"
Yeah, and you'll come down with Millennia Man
Because you didn't have the time to care
Now you're snatching little pieces of your civilization
Screaming that you never got your share!

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1883

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