MP3 - "I'm Tired", "No Masters" 1984 - LP to CD recording

I'm Tired

I'm tired of putting shoes and socks on, tired of drinking cups of tea
Tired of eating eggs for breakfast, tired of you and tired of me
I'm tired of getting up in the morning, tired of going to bed at night
Tired of being asleep in darkness, tired of being awake in light

An' I'm tired of shirts and tired of trousers, isn't there something else I can wear?
Tired of brushing my teeth each morning, tired of endlessly combing my hair
An' I'm tired of listening to music an records, tired of a couple of beers at the bar
Tired of closing the door behind me, tired of putting gas in the car

An' I'm tired of sitting, tired of standing, tired of leaning up against walls
I'm tired of walking, tired of talking, tired of doing nothing at all
I'm tired of now and then washing the laundry, tired of trips to the grocery store
Tired of putting my nose to the grindstone, tired of getting my foot in the door

An' I'm tired of being suspicious of strangers, tired of being suspicious of friends
Tired of hoping that I'll live forever, tired of wandering when it all ends
An' I'm tired of thinking that I'm gettin' nowhere, tired of thinking I've somewhere to go
Tired of wondering "what am I here for?", tired of wondering why I need to know

An' I'm tired of living in fear of my neighbors, of surrendering my life to the dictates of work
Of watching what little remains of my freedom being whittled away by monsters and jerks
'Cause I'm tired of all those unspeakable assholes, reducing the world to a bottomless pit
Who think of the earth as exploitable resource, consumed and excreted industrial shit
And every investor who looks at a forest and dreams of it cleared as the site for a mall
And all of the scumbags who've flattened our liver out and now want to flatten us once and for all
The planners of limited nuclear exchanges, acceptable loss and affordable risk
Who straighten their ties as they leave for the office, and on their way out give the children a kiss
And all of the cops and all politicians, and generals who blithely send kids off to die
And kids who would eagerly kill for their country, never once stopping to ask themselves, why
And all of the people who say we need armies, who say arming for war is preparing for peace
Who profess to believe in the need far religion, when what they believe is the need for police
And all of the others who love television, who'd rather play Pac-man than take time to think
About all of this death-dealing shit piled around us, who don't give a fuck that we're poised on the brink.

Lyrics by Alan Franklin 1983

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