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Flower Party 2000 - Invite

A warm mid-summer night's dream in May. The Flower party was blessed with the perfect night, 
as revelers relaxed in the pungent bouquet of the recently blossomed lilacs.

The queen of the Flower Party

Skip Davis, complete with flowers grown in his own garden

Paul Toro sporting a simple yet exquisitely arranged laurel of ivy and flowers

Bob & Joanne Serrito

Lowell Boileau, eyes wide open - say! Can I have some of that!

Rose with her new digital camera

Lev & Nadia

Andy sports his magnificent headdress

Dillon takes five

Willie can now ride two wheels. Well done Willie!

Next morning, discarded head gear wilting in the sun

Lost and found - if any of this stuff is yours, please call 313 883 4827 - or email us to arrange pickup


Thanks for making this the best Flower Party! See y'all same time, same place next year.

Stephen & Laurenn