The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/ Susan Aaron-Taylor

Deity XXXIV, 1994
wood, polymer

This work is part of Aaron-Taylor's "Deity Series," which she describes as an exploration of "the personal on a universal level."

The intervention explores the concept of the feminine as an expression of spiritual and cultural values. Aaron-Taylor has linked her sculpture with the two pieces to the right to represent the spiritual, the maternal, and the worldly.

The Christian image represents the idea of Mary as the "Seat of Wisdom"-that is, as the source from which the spiritual principles of Christianity are born. The African sculpture suggests the concept of the nurturing female as the source of life.

Aaron-Taylor's work adds the third worldly element to complete her definition. Through its forms that project outward and its references to nature, it embodies the idea of the female capable of defending herself and participating in the world.

Courtesy of Xochipilli Art Gallery

"Deity XXXIV"

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