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The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:


Forty-five Michigan artists, working in a vast array of different mediums, will meaningfully incorporate their own works into the museum's permanent collection galleries. The artworks will draw attention to resemblances and parallels of an iconographic, stylistic, or material nature. These 'interventions' will be museum-wide and a 'road map' will locate each 'intervention' for visitors who will see how Michigan artists perceive world art and how they cast their own work within that context.

Made possible by...

Susan Aaron-Taylor
Joseph Bernard
Matt Blake
Thom Bohnert
Lowell Boileau
Jef Bourgeau
Holly Branstner
Kyoung Ae Cho
Larry Cressman
Sara Cummings
Carl Demeulenaere
Todd Erickson
Brian Fekete
Beverly Fishman
Ed Fraga
Stephen Goodfellow
Gary Griffin
Tony Hepburn
Carol Jacobson
Lila Kadaj
Gerhardt Knodel
Brian Kramer
Brian Kritzman
Wendy MacGaw
Robert Martin
Heather McGill
Eric Mesko
Ann Mikolowski
Valerie Parks
Thom Phardel
John Piet
Jo Powers
Mel Rosas
Jose Regueiro, Jr.
Robert Schefman
Bob Sestok
Gilda Snowden
Scott Stephanoff
Jon Stand
Dennis Summers
Lois Teicher
Georg Vihos
Joseph Wesner
Peter Williams
Albert Young

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