The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Beverly Fishman

Untitled, 1995
photo-based collage, painting on wood

The way in which Fishman's paintings interact with the space of the Great Hall will be altered when the armor that is customarily exhibited here is reinstalled. In this way her intervention illustrates that changing the context in which works of art are seen can also change their meaning.

Fishman's work explores notions about the body and identity. Her images are vastly magnified cells presented as if viewed under an enormous microscope. However, their arrangement and their details suggest a view of universe through a telescope. The implication is that the "universe" of identity is located within.

Fishman also equates the body with the Great Hall as a museum site. By analogy, the architectural space containing her paintings is conceptually transformed into a body containing cells.

Fishman's intervention thus identifies the museum as a site that creates identity -- and meaning -- for art. When the armor is reinstalled new readings for her installation will be created.

Courtesy of Suzanne Hilberry Gallery
The artist expresses special thanks to Tom Gravelle


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