The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Wendy MacGaw

WENDY MACGAW, born 1955
Matrix, 1995
steel and glass

The affinity between MacGaw's sculpture and the surrounding paintings is based on a shared observation of one way of life being supplanted by another.

According to MacGaw her work refers to "the passing of an industrial society and its replacement by the age of computers." This parallels the surrounding landscapes which recorded the natural world during a period of industrialization.

MacGaw's sources of inspiration are the discarded objects and abandoned factories of our industrial landscape. She sees them as contemporary historical artifacts, forms no longer enlivened by the function they once served. Her work poetically suggests these hollow forms.

The surfaces of the steel are patinated to imply years of weathering, and the glass provides a view into the empty interior of a structure that has no utilitarian function.

MacGaw's sculpture stands in the center of the gallery as if commemorating the past-recalling historical markers or gravestones. It also suggests that the passage of time is a process of change.

Courtesy of Lemberg Gallery


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