The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Robert Martin

ROBERT MARTIN, born in 1956
The Virtual Palladium, 1995
interactive computer, music, and video installation

Martin's work is activated daily in this space between ?:00 and ?:00 for the duration of the "Interventions" exhibition. Its presence usurps the function of the site itself.

This room is a theater for viewing a video introducing the museum and its collections. The video, on a continuous loop, repeats itself even when nobody is present.

In Martin's work, image and sound are activated by our presence and change according to our movements. Rather than being passive viewers, we are active participants, creating and controlling visual and auditory elements.

Martin's concept explores alternatives to the entertainment and information functions usually ascribed to contemporary imaging technologies. It also subtly interposes an alternative to the museum video's message. Whereas the DIA video informs visitors about the museum, Martin's work suggests that being an informed museum visitor requires a willing interaction with art.

"The Virtual Palladium"

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