The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Brian Kramer

Wheresoever was Eve, There was Eden, 1995
wood and paint

Brian Kremer's sculpture replaces the 14th century altarpiece usually exhibited in the Gothic Chapel. His work suggests personal devotion in keeping with the 16th century chapel, which is from a private estate in France.

The sculpture's intimate scale and tri-partitite form parallel the altarpiece it replaces. Also, like many medieval altar-pieces, when closed it presents an image that relates to the imagery displayed when the work is open.

The "cover" image is the Garden of Eden, and on the inside are references to traditional Christian images of Eve's temptation and Adam and Eve being expelled from Eden.

The work's title is a quote from a tale by Mark Twain in which Adam reveals his reverence for Eve. Thus, unlike Christian interpretations of Eve as the source of humanity's alienation from God, Kremer's reference is an acknowledgement of love.

"The Deposition"

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