The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Eric Mesko

ERIC MESKO, born 1943
Conceptual B Movie "THE ATTACK OF THE ART MONSTERS", 1995

Mesko's intervention extends beyond the walls of the museum and into the civic space of Detroit.

The subjects of his piece are two large-scale sculptures. One, Gracehoper, situated outside the north end of the museum. The other is in front of the Ameritech Building at Cass and Michigan Avenue in downtown Detroit.

According to Mesko his work comments "on the competitiveness and hierarchical structure of the art bureaucracy." His project miniaturizes two large sculptural landmarks and playfully mocks the desire for supremacy in the art world.

The installation's title evokes low budget film productions, such as Godzilla movies. In this way Mesko comments ironically on the seriousness of the intellectual dialogue surrounding "high art." This reference to "low brow" entertainment also raises questions about how culture is defined.

By referring to works situated outside the museum, Mesko suggests that questions of art exist in the public domain as well as in the official art world.

Conceptual B Movie "The Attack of the Art Monsters"

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