The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Thom Bohnert

THOM BONHERT, born 1948
Snow Bear, 1994
ceramic, wire, glaze
Although he is not Native American, Bohnert chose to place his piece here because of a particular awareness of humanity he feels in this gallery.

Like many Native American works, Bohnert's piece is created with a sensitivity to natural form and human experience. He views the pot as both a physical and spiritual metaphor for humanity.

Bohnert relates the pot's rounded form to the human rib cage, "a volumetric void having its own rhythm...its own protective strength." He sees the pot's interior as a void that symbolizes the possibility for self discovery.

The title of Bohnert's piece evokes a silent natural world. It suggests the sense of purity and connectedness with nature that he seeks to embody in his art. Aside from any possible utilitarian function, his work embodies a simplicity that invites contemplation.

Lent by Burt and Patti Aaron

"Snow Bear"

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