The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Tony Hepburn

TONY HEPBURN, born 1942
Analog, 1995
sculpture: clay, steel
drawing: paper, charcoal, acrylic

Hepburn specifically created the work seen here to be exhibited alongside Picasso's Seated Woman. It reveals how artists may derive inspiration from work in different media.

His sculpture is a three-dimensional projection of the figure in Picasso's painting. It is constructed of imagined views that reside theoretically within the space depicted in the two-dimensional painting.

Hepburn's intervention also alludes to the curiosity many people have about the artist's creative process. By exhibiting a study drawing along with his sculpture, he reveals the steps involved in the thought process that led from his source of inspiration to the finished piece.

Through close examination of the painting, Hepburn hypothetically "entered" the image, recording his observations in drawings such as the one seen here. These drawings became the diagrammatic notations from which he proceeded.

Courtesy of Revolution: A Gallery Project


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