The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Jon Stand

JON STRAND, born 1948
Calliope, 1994-95
ink on paper

Although Strand's use of dots of color invites association with the work of the 19th-century French painter Seurat, he chose to place his work in the Greek gallery because of its theme.

Calliope, the ancient Greek muse of epic poetry, represents the inspiration behind works such as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Strand's reworking of the theme is a contemporary reflection on the nature of artistic inspiration.

While ancient artists embodied the concept of inspiration concretely as a female form, Strand expresses it as a force of energy. His "muse" is represented as an ephemeral natural form, "a brilliant yellow cloud, floating in a blue sky."

Through this allusion, Strand encourages us to consider how artists explore similar ideas but express them differently according to what is relevant to their times.

This work of art is dedicated by the artist to the memory of Marie Nash Primo.


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