The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Jose Regueiro, Jr.

JOSE REGUEIRO, JR., born 1960
Centuries, 1995
English chestnut, cedar of Lebanon, ebony, and ceramic knob

Regueiro's piece is both a work of art and a functional object. It placed here to raise questions about the longevity and ultimate relevance of many contemporary works of art.

The work's title symbolizes both the materials and the techniques Regueiro used to construct the piece. Its allusion to time also suggests that the piece was made to endure.

The brown wood is chestnut from a century-old tree. The lighter wood is rare cedar of Lebanon-a wood that has been prized for its beauty and fragrance since biblical times.

Reguiero's design is an interpretation of Japanese furniture-making traditions that are thousands of years old. Also, the work's construction is based on well-proven techniques of fine craftsmanship.

Regueiro defines the work's style as "timeless." He has purposely avoided what he sees as faddish in most contemporary furniture design to create a piece that will last aesthetically as well as physically through the centuries.

Courtesy of Reidelbach Gallery

"Centuries"Sideboard,"Presentation" Platter"

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