East Ham Technical College - Art Dept. 1969-71

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Left East Ham Tec in 1971 for Hull College of Art, hoping to stay in touch with fellow classmates from our Foundation Course. And I did for a time, but in the toils of every day life, more and more addresses in scruffy address books got lost. Such was to be the fate of my past; distant memories. Ghosts, forever becoming more and more sketchy as time progressed.
Then came the Web.
In January of 2002, I found Peter O'Donnell on the "Friends United" site, and to my delight he responded. This has been the spark that has set off this site.
Well -  here I am, over thirty years later, and my memory is starting to slip. Usually, this does not bother me but in this case it does. My brain really sparked at East Ham Tec. My soul was set alight like no time before and few times since in my life. From East Ham Tec, I went out in the World equipped with the imagination and tools to not merely to cope, but to thrive. For this, I have my fellow students to thank as well as a couple of the instructors. 
- So who ARE you people, anyway?! Over the years I've forgotten most names and many of the events that took place in those halcyon days. I deem this an important part of my life, and I don't want to forget. I've posted some pictures and some email addresses so that individuals can get in touch. I'd really, really like to hear how you are doing.

Below are a few pictures that I have scanned in, hoping that they will stir up some memories. I've forgotten most of the names, so help me if you can.


Stephen Goodfellow


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