The clinic is small, but is quite capable of handling most cuts and parasites. Occationally goodwill organizations come into town and set up shop for a week or so, their chief effect being that the pharmaceutical supplies take care of the populations need for a time.
SIDA (AIDS) is rife in Honduras; after Haiti, Honduras has the highest Aids rate in Central America. There is little help for any of the indigenous population to fight this desease.
Many children have asthma brought about by the continual exposure to smoke in small family thatched dwellings. Smoke is the only cost effective way most of the population has to keep away malaria causing mosquitoes.
A diet heavy in saturated fats, the majority of the Honduran population can get a subscription for high blood pressure medicine, but few can actually afford to fill the subscription. Consequently, a considerable proportion of the population suffer a plethora of secondary illnesses brought about by high blood pressure.