Limon fishermen

First attempt; the boat is swamped...

It had been windy for several days and the town of Limon was running low on fish. As Limon is not in a bay and is exposed to the coastal currents, windy days make it all but impossible to launch a boat past the crashing surf.
I watched for an hour as three fishermen sought to break the surf barrier in their wooden cajuca, becoming swamped almost immedietly and having to bail water continously.
Twice they were overturned and had to struggle back to land to catch their breath and launch anew into the perilous surf.
The third time they got lucky; by deft maneuvering they cleared the surf and made their way to relative calm on the ocean side. Two hours later they returned with their catch; being the only vessel to venture out that day enabled them to obtain a high price for their hard won fish.