Honduran Literature

Janet N. Gold

Shortly after our arrival in Trujillo, we chanced upon Professor Janet Gold and her partner Steve. A few days after meeting them, they dropped by our flat and invited us on a short hike of fourtyfive minutes to a wonderful waterfall, so idyllic that even Tarzan would feel at home. In ensuing conversations, I discovered than Janet teaches Central American Literature at the University of New Hampshire. In the early 90's, Janet received a grant to study the famous Honduran poet Clementia Suarez. Janet visited Clemintia in Tegusigalpa and after many months of meetings and interviews with the poet, wrote a book called "Clementia Suarez: Her Life and Poetry". Janet was kind enough to give me a short list of good Honduran literature which I have listed below. If you have any further requests for information, I'm sure that Janet will help you in any way she can.

Translations to English:
  • "The Common Greif" by Roberto Sosa (Curbstone Press)
  • "Ixok-Amar-Go" Editor Zoe Anglesey
  • "Don't be Afraid, Gringo" by Elvira Alvarado (Testimony)
  • "Climentina Suarez: Her life and Poetry" by Janet M. Gold (University of Florida, 1995)
  • Spanish speakers:
  • Roberto Sosa - Poetry
  • Rigoberto Paredes - Poetry
  • Hose Louis Quesada - Poetry
  • Clementines Suarez - Poetry
  • Julio Escoto - Novels
  • Roberto Castillo - Short stories

  • Contemporary Literature:
    As to my (Stephen Goodfellow) own reading recommendations, Lorenzo Dee Belveal, journalist, short story writer, is a font of information on the corruption in the Republic of Honduras. He also writes thrilling stories that seem to place you feet first in the dry hot dust of a Honduran afternoon. His storeies are a "must read"!