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John Legon's reference links:

John Legon's own site -

Everything you wanted to know about the history of the Fourth Dynasty, here extracted by the Egyptian State Tourist Office from Sir Alan Gardiner's classic book, 'Egypt of the Pharaohs' -

A truly great resource for Giza Complex dimensions and measurements:
The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh by W.M. Flinders Petrie, 1883

Also courtesy of the Egyptian Tourist Office, you can find detailed descriptions of the Giza pyramids and the adjoining temple-complexes -

Some people claim that the 'quarry-marks' in the Great Pyramid, which give the name of the second king of the Fourth Dynasty, Khufu, are a forgery. For more information, see 'Forging the Pharaoh's Name?' -

The age of the Great Sphinx of Giza is also hotly debated. Read the following pages before you make up your mind -
Redating the Sphinx:
Geology of the Sphinx:

Here is an excellent site for detailed information about the Sphinx and the adjoining temple-complex, with many links to other sites -

Giza On Line:

Egyptologists Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass discuss the archaeology of the Giza plateau, pyramid-building, and the age of the pyramids, on the Nova web site. You will also find a guided tour of the Great Pyramid -

Dr Zahi Hawass has his own web site at -

Want to find out more about the so-called 'Tomb of Osiris', as explored by Zahi Hawass on Fox TV? Nigel Skinner-Simpson's excellent site will tell you everything -

Other interesting topics are discussed by Nigel at -

If you're interested in pyramid geometry, take a look at Rudolf Gantenbrink's interpretation of the geometry of the air-shafts in the Great Pyramid -

Finally, if you want to know more about the serious side of Egyptology, and are looking for news of the latest discoveries, check out the Egyptology Resources web site based at Cambridge in England -

Further Giza links by Stephen Goodfellow

Jerry Törnström's Diagrams and remarkable musings are very enjoyable.

"The Key" The Pyramid Terry Nevin's exhaustive mathematical research into the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.

THE GIZA PLATEAU MAPPING PROJECT University of Chicago - Field Work.

GIZA PLATEAU COMPUTER MODEL See the Complex from every angle.

Giza, Egypt Satellite Images

The Seven Wonders: The Great Pyramid of Giza Good Overview.

The SPHINX Group Fascinating!

Archeo-astronomy & Egyptology An in-depth resource on the latest news.


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