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Subject: contribution to San Pedro Sula information for anyone 
wanting to tour Honduras
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I am a Honduran myself and I came to the USA in 1988 when I was fifteen years old. I went back in August 1995 for the first time since I came. I went to San Pedro Sula and I tell you that it has changed a lot since I left the city. There's in the north side throughout the "circunvalacion," a highway that makes a ring around the city, a part called "La Zona Viva" where I recommend anyone to go around and see the different cinemas, restaurants, fast food restaurants including "Burger King" (the burgers are bigger here), "Subway," "Popeye," etc. There are also modern discos you can go to if you're in the mood for dancing or just hang out. One of my favorite places to go to eat was "Las Carnitas" restaurant where they offer you a lot of food for a little amount of food, but that's not why I recommend it, it offers one of the best grilled, fried meats, cheese, beans and platanos, plus other exciting menu recipes.