If you have any contributions, I would love to add them to the notebook!

From: Ron and Rosemary Crawford Rosemary.Crawford@internetMCI.COM

We were greatly entertained and amused by your "Honduran Notebook". We have had similar experiences at the same places. We, too, were entertained by Scotty at the Bahai Bar in Trujillo. Did he share with you his opinions of the "Big Green Washing Machine" next door, or was it built when you were there?

On a similar flight to Utila, Ron was the co-pilot with a pilot who looked to be about 16 years old. It was a thrilling flight for our three teenagers who had never flown before. We drove to La Ceiba from Seattle in November 1993 and stayed at our property there for two months while we waited out the winter in the Pacific NW. We were enticed to visit Utila by George Bush (mayor of Utila, who we met in the grocery store) who assured us it was the prettiest, cleanest, cheapest, etc. island of the Bay Islands. Our caretaker also recommended we go there and visit "Trudy's" which was owned by a relative of his. It was definitely an adventure to stay on Utila with three teenagers.

It was nice to note that the mosquitoes at Hotel Brinkley survived without our contributions and that someone else ponders the changing fortunes of staying there. On our first visit, Peggy befriended us and made us feel like family. On the next trip a few months later, she was completely plastered and never could remember meeting us.

Your comments on the lack of culinary talent is "right on", however, we did find a wonderful world class restaurant in La Ceiba called the Golden Palace. It could easily compete with the finest restaurant in Seattle. They have some of the best garlic shrimp we have ever had, and their fresh baked rolls are to die for. We never did find meat we would be interested in buying to prepare ourselves that was any more than marginally edible. The meat markets were too wild even for us.

We have been down to our "Little Honduras" property twice this year and we will return again on 16Nov to show a prospective buyer the new house on the beach we just completed. Our property there is about 11 acres and we envision a community at some point where we can spend our winters growing tropical fruit and enjoying 82 degree water for swimming.

We also kept a travelogue of our trip in 1992-93 and would be glad to share it with you if you are interested. We are new to the internet scene, and interested in why you did a home page. We may not have found the beginning as we searched YAHOO for Honduras and happened upon it.