The following is a snapshot of our visits to Honduras in 1997
- This is a static site and does not reflect the present -

Honduras, Colon, Trujillo/   click image for map

click image for Trujillo map
View of trujillo from atop Mt. Calantura

Trujillo is a four and a half  hour express bus ride from San Pedro Sula, four hours from La Ceiba. Planes leave daily from La ceiba.
If  I ever really decided to drop it all and just live for the sake of living, Trujillo has got to be my first choice. The people are delightful. The views are spectacular. The walks along the beach are breathtaking. Click on the map and take a look around...

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Food Hotels Places
Aparto Hotel Playa


Beach Restaurants

Caballeros Restaurant

Aparto Hotel Christopher Columbus

Basket Ball Court


Don Perignon

Finca Orphanage

Gas Station

Granada Restaurant

Gringo Bar

Honducorr (Post Office)

Hondutel (Phone/Fax)


Hotel Cocopando

Hotel Emperador

Hotel O'Glynn

Hotel Trujillo Bay

Hotel Villa Brinkley

Immigration (Visa renewal)

La Fortaleza Santa Barbara (The Fort).

Map of Trujillo Bay



National forest

Oasis Restaurant

Pantry Restaurant


Police Station


Rincon de los Amigos Restaurant

Taxi Stand

William Walker's Grave